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The Gatto Group Approach

In every aspect of any project, the Gatto Group approaches the assignment as a business partner. Our goal is to make our customer’s business more profitable and improve the quality of life and productivity of their employees through creative workplace solutions. The Gatto Group strives to understand the business needs first, and then design a workplace solution and negotiating strategy to fit the Client and the market. After developing a plan, negotiating the deal and completing the transaction, we stay with the Client to ensure construction, administration and the on-going functionality of the workplace works for the Client.

The process begins by the Gatto Group and the Client assembling the appropriate partners, and Client personnel. This team is charged with analyzing the business’s existing conditions and work flow, reviewing business goals and directions, and recognizing business needs. Once the business needs are determined, a workplace solution is developed that defines the company and industry specifics (i.e. growth, shrinkage, technology changes, space standards, etc.) that will allow the workplace to respond to our Client’s business needs.

Once a plan is reviewed and approved, The Gatto Group will execute a transaction that meets our defined objectives. We have built our reputation on negotiating and implementing CREATIVE transactions that push well past the market norm, not only from a cost standpoint, but also in creativity and flexibility (i.e. Calfee Building). This full cycle involvement results in a better quality workplace, which, in turn leads to increased business productivity and higher profitability. This is all done on a very timely basis to meet the needs of the Client.