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Leveling the Playing Field

Our Tenant Representation service provides comprehensive transaction and consulting services to minimize occupancy costs consistent with your business objectives. This includes developing a strategic plan for your real estate needs, negotiations, identifying potential sites, analyzing sites, handling negotiations, recommending architectural firms and owners representatives for managing the build-out of a Tenant’s new offices, move management and more.

Here are a few of the major ways your company can save you money, protect your long-term interests and help you gain a competitive advantage over the Landlord or the Listing Broker:

* We thoroughly analyze your business and actual space needs, including total square footage needed, preferred location, your budget, the hours of operation, electrical capacity, HVAC needs, security considerations, building image, tenant mix and other factors.

*We assist in assembling a team of Best in Class professionals to assist in determining the actual square footage needed, image, use of space, and the management and budgeting of the Tenant Improvement Dollars. This is your money – manage it wisely.

*We perform comprehensive searches and recommend spaces which meet your criteria. We may just recommend a handful of opportunities. We are very creative and have developed options (hidden opportunities) that have helped our Clients find alternatives that have become the best option saving millions of dollars (i.e. Calfee Building & Progressive Insurance call center) or creating one-of-a-kind facilities.

* When you express interest in a building which we know has problems, we alert you to them, whether they happen to be high loss factors, inefficient floor plates, slow elevators, chronic overcharges, dissatisfied Tenants, Landlord financial difficulties, marked up utilities, management issues or others.

* We analyze the total lease term costs on an apple-to-apples and Net Present Value basis using our internal proprietary spreadsheets based on the term of the lease and Total Occupancy Cost. We also analyze the building's HVAC and mechanical systems, the prevailing method of calculating electricity costs, operating expenses, real estate taxes and other factors. Some transactions which look similar on a quoted rental rate actually turn out to have substantially higher costs over the lease term.

* We aggressively negotiate with at least two or three alternatives to create leverage and drive the best economics of a deal. It is our strategy of negotiating that has earned us a reputation for creating the best deal in the market for our Clients. Being a Tenant Representative we do not have to worry about pushing the Landlord too far because we have never gone after his business and never plan to.

*With our construction knowledge and the input of our team members we are able to determine the actual cost of renovating the space and negotiate that into the deal. We help the Tenant eliminate the Landlord’s markup, overhead and extra cost in the Tenant Improvements/Construction process. Here is where we have saved our clients fortunes and have helped them to negotiate on a level playing field with the Landlord.
* We aggressively mark up a Landlord’s draft lease to identify hidden costs, one-way obligations, Landlord double-dipping, inadequate operating expense controls, weak auditing clauses, overly restrictive use clauses, sublease clauses, etc.

* If you need a cost-effective buy-out of your current lease, we can negotiate that transaction also.

* If it's a build-to-suit you're interested in, we can help negotiate financing, analyze land sites, and negotiate land acquisitions and structure agreements with contractors or build to suit developers to generate the whole package at the lowest occupancy cost.

* After your lease is signed, our team monitors the build-out process to make sure the buildout is consistent with what was negotiated for in your lease and that the improvement dollars are being managed and used wisely. Remember the Tenant Improvement Allowance is your money; don’t leave it in the hands of the Landlord to manage.

* If a lease audit is needed and reveals overcharges, we can negotiate the recovery of those overcharges and if necessary we can manage an arbitration or litigation proceeding.

*NOTE: It is important to note that our services are provided at no cost to you, we simply split the real estate fee with the Landlord’s broker. Why would any Tenant choose to negotiate against a seasoned professional like a Landlord, listing broker, or property manager when they can get the Gatto Group to go head to head at no cost? It would be like being charged with a criminal offense and representing yourself against a knowledgeable and well seasoned prosecuting lawyer.

Difference Between the Gatto Group Inc and Our Competition.

You will see our competitor’s signs all over the market advertising space for lease in buildings they have a listing on and are obligated, by law, and relationship to generate the best deal for the Landlord. We on the other hand will not have a competing listing. This results in total and complete loyalty to our clients, The Tenant, which, allows us to push far past the market deal without “biting the hand that feeds us”. The Landlord is not our Client – you are!

In the Landlord/Tenant relationship we can:

  • Bring comparable market deals to the table to create fairness and apples-to-apples comparisons.
  • Soften the negotiations with a Tenant who has a business relationship with the Landlord by being the “bad guy”. We will bring market deals to the table for your Landlord to evaluate and compete fairly with.
  • Competitively price the construction, without huge Landlord mark-ups.
  • We can also eliminate any conflicts of interest between the commission structures among the Landlords to, TOTALLY ELIMINATING ALL CONFLICTS OF INTEREST FOR THE CLIENT.