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Tenant Representation

The Gatto Group believes that the conflict-free representation of the tenant is of utmost importance. Unless a tenant has a sophisticated real estate department or person that can go head to head with Landlords and who knows the current market conditions and local inventory they are at a great disadvantage. Tenants go to the market once every few years if they are lucky, Landlords live, breathe and determine the market. The following explanation shows how The Gatto Group would assist our Client with such an assignment.

At the Gatto Group we also believe that the strategy must drive the solution, and that no strategy can be effective unless it fully encompasses and embraces the various organizational needs and differences inherent in a dynamic and changing environment and tells a story to the Landlord that leverages a tenant's position. To that end, The Gatto Group forms a facility team as needed, whose skills encompass the areas of Strategic Planning, Project or Construction Management, Space Needs, Legal and Traditional Brokerage. It will be the responsibility of this team to develop a facility model, which incorporates the physical, technological, construction and financial needs of each business group and the Client as a whole. Upon approval by our Client, this team will then execute the strategic plan necessary to acquire the facility that meets the criteria modeled.

Leveling the Playing Field

Our Tenant Representation service provides comprehensive transaction and consulting services to minimize occupancy costs consistent with your business objectives. This includes developing a strategic plan for your real estate needs, negotiations, identifying potential sites, analyzing sites, handling negotiations.

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Tenant Representation Process

Beginning with Strategic Planning, The Gatto Group clearly differentiates itself from the competition in our strategic/business partner approach to relationships. It will be the responsibility of the Gatto Group, led by Michael Gatto, to ascertain the business objectives and physical needs of the Client, and then develop a facility model which both accounts for and integrates these needs.

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Negotiations & Creativity

The Gatto Group has been negotiating with Landlords, sellers and contractors for more than thirty years to help Tenants and users evaluate all market options to determine the best facility. We have helped many for profit and non for profit entities evaluate everything from lease to purchase, buy or build and renew or relocate.

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