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Why the Gatto Group?

The Gatto Group looks to represent the local mid-sized tenant in the evaluation of facility options with the utmost of creativity and passion and with no conflicts of interest. We were founded with a clear goal: to provide comprehensive, real estate services with absolute objectivity and unmatched creativity.

Morally Driven

The Gatto Group is an organization that seeks to embody the values of integrity, tenacity, creativity and commitment with the utmost of moral character. We consistently strive to do the right thing, not the easy thing.

More Than 30 Years of Commitment

Michael Gatto has spent the last 25 plus years representing tenants and corporations, locally and nationally, with conflict-free representation. Our Senior Management is the lead contact on every transaction. You will have the commitment of Our Team throughout the process and will have all of our knowledge, experience and dedication on your side at all times with the utmost of morals.

Experienced Team

The Senior Management Team of the Gatto Group pioneered Cleveland’s Tenant Representation process in Cleveland more than twenty five years ago and has committed their careers to becoming the best and most experienced team in town. Our reputation is solid and well known by our colleagues and Landlords.

Strategic Partnership

The Gatto Group looks to partner with our Client for the long lasting relationship. We have built a practice of representing Tenants that has lasted more than 25 years and continues to grow. We look at every assignment as a relationship not a transaction. At The GATTO GROUP we also believe that the strategy must drive the solution, and that no strategy can be effective unless it fully encompasses and embraces the various organizational needs and differences inherent in a dynamic and changing environment and tells a story to the Landlord that leverages a Tenant’s position.